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About Us

Sudipta Pati – Certified Indian Nutritionist and Board certified holistic health practitioner with clients form 25 different counties

I am Sudipta Pati, founder of Sudipta Fitness, which is an online platform dedicated to healthy nutrition and customized diet plans. I believe everyone should have a healthy relationship with food, but with a holistic approach. I am a certified nutritionist and board-certified holistic health practitioner specializing in helping clients lose weight in a healthy way to become their happiest and healthiest versions.

I struggled with losing weight after having two beautiful children and managing a corporate IT career on top of that. It left me completely overwhelmed and sad that I could not take out the time to look after myself. Nevertheless, I began working on myself and finally found the light at the end of the tunnel!

This is why I can relate with my clients deeply when they tell me about their struggles with weight loss, managing their health, and feeling insecure in their bodies. My nutrition coaching programs are sure to help you manage your nutrition and health according to the changes you want to bring in your life.

Why My Clients Never Want to Go to Another Nutritionist

I specialize in helping individuals eat well and build confidence in themselves and their bodies by adopting a healthier lifestyle and providing permanent body transformation.

Custom Nutrition Plans

When it comes to nutrition and diet plans, there is no “one size that fits all.” What foods and their portions deliver the best nutrition for a 24-year-old postpartum woman will not work for a 50-year-old lady going through menopause. Every day, I commit my time to understanding every client’s specific needs, evaluating their health history, listening carefully to their health goals and concerns, and then determining a diet plan that is sure to work.

Holistic Approach

The best way to create good eating habits is by choosing organic and whole foods that deliver nutrition without the extra calories. Taking away processed foods from your diet and incorporating fresher and vibrant produce can help you bring a noticeable impact to your life. I design my diet plans paired with exercise fitness plans to ensure individuals can bring a healthier change in their complete lifestyle, not only for their eating habits.

Flexible Nutrition Coaching

I have experience working with busy female executives from all around the world who got in touch with me to help them increase their energy, lose weight, and build their confidence to discover their happiest, most confident selves. Whether you are a new mother or a busy professional, my expert nutrition coaching sessions can be attended online, with personalized advice and quick replies to any concerns you may have.

I Can Help You With

With experience coaching clients from about 25 different countries, my custom programs provide you with everything you need to permanently lose weight and feel great again! You can lose all unwanted fat from your belly, hips, thighs, chest, arms, etc. I would love to help you make your dream physique a reality and feature your transformation as yet another successful client story! I design tailored nutrition plans for cancer survivors and individuals dealing with:

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • High Cholesterol
  • Thyroid Problems
  • Celiac Disease
  • Blood Pressure Issues
  • Heart Disease Problems
  • Postpartum Weight
  • Gluten sensitivities
  • Allergic issues

To learn more about my custom nutrition programs and transform your lifestyle, get in touch with me today!