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Hello! I am Sudipta Pati, a certified holistic Indian nutritionist dedicated to promoting healthier lifestyles with better eating and exercising habits.

Whether you need help debunking popular yet doubtful health myths, want foolproof weight loss nutrition plan tips, or need to know the benefits of obesity targeted weight loss nutrition plans, I can guide you through everything. I believe in encouraging my clients to lead a healthy and fulfilling life by eating well, caring for themselves, and boosting their self-confidence by accepting their bodies.

Healthy eating begins with conscious eating, so start becoming more aware of what you put in your body with my informative and helpful blogs.

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Share Your Fitness Goals with Me Today!

I am an experienced Board-certified Indian nutritionist who can help you achieve your body goals with holistic nutrition plans tailored especially to your needs. Whether you need to lose extra belly fat, arm fat, hip fat, thigh fat, double-chin, or chest fat, you can reach out to me today.

In case you want to discuss nutrition plans for obesity, postpartum weight loss, healthy eating during pregnancy, people with diabetes, gluten sensitivities, blood pressure, high cholesterol, thyroid problems, PCOS, PCOD, celiac disease, heart problems, gluten sensitivity, kidney issues or cancer survivors; I can help you with it all!